How to Spend a Day in Montego Bay, Jamaica

An itinerary ideally for those who may be visiting Montego Bay, Jamaica for one day.  But it can be easily followed by someone staying for a bit and exploring the area.

If you’re taking a cruise to Montego Bay this should make your perfect day in paradise!

1. Go Ziplining – it’s not just for daredevils.

Picture 445

In Montego Bay you can zipline with Chukka Caribbean Adventures at Rose Hall or Montpelier Estate. In 2005, I took my first Zipline Canopy Tour with Chukka and since then, I’ve done about 10 more tours.

If you want more adventure in your day, they have several locations which offer a variety of tours:

  • River Tubing Safari
  • Jeep Tour 
  • ATV Safari
  • Dune Buggy Adventure
  • Horseback Riding

2. Go to the Beach – your trip to isn’t complete without it.

Don’t believe the rumors, you are ALLOWED to drink on the beach.

Doctor’s Cave Beach, Montego Bay, Jamaica

With spring fed crystal clear water, the most famous beach in Jamaica is Doctor’s Cave Beach. Admission is about $5 with chairs, umbrellas and snorkeling equipment for rent.

Nearby beaches with FREE entry include Dead End (or Buccaneer) Beach.

Dead End Beach, Montego Bay

If time allows it, swing back by at dusk to watch the sunset, the views are gorgeous.

3. EAT – you can drink too 😉

If there’s one thing Jamaicans love – it’s to cook. You will see street vendors galore and the most colorful Rastafarian themed food joints scattered about the streets.

I say, if you smell something you like, stop there. Ask for their best dish. I recommend trying:

  • Jerk Chicken (of course)
  • Patty (Chicken, Beef or Soy)
  • Fresh Coconut
  • Soup (any kind is good)
  • Festival
Patty and a Red Stripe

And for those vegetarian/vegans – you should have no trouble finding a dish. There’s all types of soy alternatives and you should definitely try veggie chunks.

Curry tofu, Rice & Peas, Vegetables

4. Drink – it’s very much encouraged!

Jamaicans love to have a good time and they will keep you well hydrated.

You can drink your usual or try something new, but promise me you’ll have some Rum Punch! It will probably end up being your new favorite drink. A cold Red Stripe (or a few) is another nice and refreshing favorite.

Waiting to buy fish from the daily catch.

If you’re looking for drinks – either night or day – there’s plenty of bars and a couple nearby hot spots. For some real fun in the sun, see #5 and #7.

5. Play at Margaritaville.

Then swim out to the water trampoline for an afternoon of dancing, drinking and jumping. It’s the #1 party spot for fun and music, located right on hip strip.

Margaritaville, Montego Bay, Jamaica

Stay for the sunset, dj and dancing!

6. Win the MoBay 500Go-Cart Race on the beach.

Take your pick from all kinds of activities at Aquasol Theme Park. From banana boat rides to jet skis to roller skating the day away. There’s no shortage of adventure. The park is located at the Walter Fletcher Beach, right near downtown.  CLOSED in 2017

7. Dance the night away at Pier 1 on the Waterfront.

Ever dreamed of dancing on a pier, listening to music and while watching the waves roll in, then this is your spot.

Pier 1 over looks the harbor and the city of Montego Bay. The open-air atmosphere is a local favorite for food and entertainment. Conveniently located at the west end.


Spending a day in Montego Bay is an adventure you can’t have anywhere else.

24 Photos to Inspire Your First Trip to Jamaica 

Jamaica is an untouched tropical paradise. It’s an incredible island, jam packed with all natural adventures- from mountains to waterfalls to beaches and ganja fields. There’s literally something for everyone.

As of recently, Jamaica has received some negative attention. As with any country, there are some areas to avoid. But I promise you, the beauty outweighs the bad.

Some of the most amazing sights I’ve seen in my life, all exist in one place, Jamaica. I hope you can make it there some day and see it for yourself!

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