Top 10 Travel Photos

You don’t need a big fancy camera to get awesome shots, you just need the inspiration. So take a look at the 10 Most Popular Travel Photos, I’m sure you’ll find something you like.

Travelers love to capture the world in unique ways and take the most captivating photos.These are the 10 Most Popular Travel Photos to stand out and get the most attention.

1. Sunglasses reflection.

Buy some mirrored sunglasses and take a photo of the reflections on the lenses. You can find a variety of lense colors and use any reflection. It’s fun and easy!



Magic Kingdom by photosbyeau

2. Hands in the shot.

You can make all kinds of shapes and focal points using your hands. Hearts have been really popular!




by nyutoonsen



Bali Sunset by dieneke_errazo

3. Follow me.

Basically the photographer holds your hand while you pose. There are lots of Instagram accounts dedicated to follow me photos. Check out Muradosmann for some awesome inspiration!



by vildevjohansen


4. Underwater – Above water.

Although these are some of the coolest photos I’ve seen, you need a couple things. First, these are taken using a GoPro and second, you need the Dome attachment. Purchase both and have a blast!


5. Photos of cell phone photos.

Creating a photo within a photo using a cell phone screen adds a 3D feel. The photos look like you could reach right into them.



6. Passports around the world.

Snapping a photo of your passport in different places, with different items has been quite a hit.


by monsarturito

7. Your feet.

Whether you’re standing on the edge of a cliff or the beach, your feet tell a story. So kick up your feet and have some fun taking photos. ihavethisthingwithfloors is an instagram dedicated to colorful and vibrant floors around the world, tag your photos to be featured.


by kat_wiener

8. Wing of the plane

If you’re lucky enough to get the window seat, you’ll probably see some amazing views. Everything looks different from the sky, capturing it can create some pretty cool shots.


Honolulu, Hawaii

9. Glasses focus.

Using the lenses of eye glasses to focus on photo subjects makes for a nice attention grabbing shot. The blurred background feels like the focus is popping right out at you. Landscapes are a lot of fun to distort with glasses.  throughmyblackglasses is another fun Instagram account using these type of photos with eye glasses.


by kevinwonka


by shellche


10. Posing with structures.

People have been posing with the Leaning Tower of Pisa since forever, but everyone is getting more and more creative with this idea. They’re posing with buildings, signs and any other structure. So find something fun and start posing!


Washington Monument by oriana.depalma


Stonehenge by bradman7777


Leaning Tower of Pisa by xiaotwins

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