How to Spend Two Days in Abu Dhabi


There are many activities in Abu Dhabi. deciding which ones to do, where to go and how to get there, is a little tricky.

Your best bet, is getting a 48 hour Big Bus ticket. Technically the tour begins at Marina Mall with 16 stops and can be finished in a day. There’s also a separate Yas Island route which would be ideal for day two.

With the 48 hour ticket, you could probably finish the entire tour in that amount of time. But if you’re limited for time, I would recommend:

Observation Deck 300 in the Jumeirah at Etihad Towers
With your Big Bus ticket it costs $10USD. The views are incredible from the 75th floor. It’s the highest public viewing area in the city.


Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque
There is a strict dress code, so be sure to abide in order to enter the mosque. If not, you may still be able to get some photos from a distance, but you will not be allowed inside.  There are free public tours of the mosque a few times a day, but touring on your own was a great experience for me. I was amazed by the details from the carpet to the pillars,  everything is so stunning.


The Souk at Central Market
From the outside the building its a little deceiving,  but once you’re inside the building it feels more alive.  There are many shops, selling many of the same items but it’s a great place for souvenirs and some traditional food.

We were a little bummed because we arrived too early for the rooftop Cafe and Hookah bar which doesn’t open until 5pm. There are also photo booths where you can wear traditional Arabian garments and pose with different cultural items, such as tea cups and a falcon. A 5X7 photo was about $20USD, see mine below.


With so much to do and see, don’t forget to find time to relax!


What to Wear in Dubai as a Female Traveler

When visiting another country, like UAE, it’s very important to consider the culture, religion, practices and rituals. Even more important is respecting those beliefs, even if they may differ from your own.  

5 Reasons to Love/Hate Dubai

After galivanting around the city for a week, I gathered my thoughts on what to expect when visiting Dubai. The good, the bad and everything in between. There is not perfect place, every has it’s pros and it’s cons. 

First Time in Dubai – 5 Top Tours to Try

I recently returned from a week in Dubai, UAE. This was my very first trip to the Middle East. When I return from trips, I like to reflect on what was unique to the location and the visit. Every city is different, the food, the language, sometimes it feels the complete opposite of home. Those are the elements I travel for.

When I reflect on my recent trip to Dubai, there are so many moments that stand out in my memory, but I shortened the list to just 5.

These are My Dubai Top 5:

Visit Strasbourg, France in the Fall

Timber framed homes scattered throughout the curving cobblestone streets and the River Ill is never too far away!

Strasbourg was one of those cities that came as a complete surprise. It turned out to be so much more incredible than I ever imagined and totally exceeded my expectations!

If all that hasn’t convinced you to visit this German border city, then these fabulous fall photos from Strasbourg, France definitely will!

What to Wear in Dubai as a Female Traveler
5 Reasons to Love/Hate Dubai
My Dubai Top 5 

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