Mackinac Island Bucket List – 17 Tips for the Best Summer Vacation

Visiting Mackinac Island for the day or for a week, here are 17 tips for the Best Summer Vacation! You should definitely read this if you’re looking for Things to do on Mackinac Island. The activities are endless and there so many experiences you don’t want to miss. This one-of-kind island in Michigan, will leave you falling in love!

  1. Visit the Governor’s Summer Residence


    If you want to tour the mansion, you have to come early Wednesday mornings from June 1 to August 31.

  • Bike around the island


    Bike rentals range from $5 -$10 an hour or bring your own bike across on the ferry for a charge. The perimeter is about 8.2 miles and the route will take you 1.5 hours or more – depends how many stops. It’s an easy and relaxing ride.

  • Jump in the lake


    Jump off the dock or jump the waves, it’s all fun!

  • Relax on Mission Point lawn


    Sprawl out in one of the lawn chairs or bring a blanket, there’s plenty of space!

  • Watch the sunset at the boardwalk


    There’s a few stellar spots to watch the sunset, the boardwalk is a favorite for many.

  • Take the stairs to Arch Rock


    Just over 207 steps and you’re there! On a clear day, you can see all the way to Canada from the top.

  • Bowl at Woods Restaurant


    At Woods, the duck pin bowling alley is always a good time. Take turns resetting the pins and see who can get a strike!

  • Go parasailing


    It really isn’t as scary as it looks. It’s more of a joy ride than anything. Available from Mackinac Island and Mackinaw City – through Mackinaw Parasailing.

  • Kayak in Lake Huron


    Great Turtle Kayak Tours rents out kayaks. Tours include a sunset ride and another which visits Round Island. Both are fantastic!

  • Take a cruise under Mackinac Bridge


    Many cruises are offered from Mackinac Island – the Sip N Sail takes a route under the Mackinac Bridge – to see the bridge so close it’s an amazing experience.

  • Hike to Sunset Rock

  • Two miles from town, nestled in the woodsy area behind the Inn at Stonecliffe is Sunset Rock. The never ending views are always incredible.
  • Build a Cairn Yoga on the beach


    May I suggest meditating or yoga on the beach instead? ✌

  • Building Cairns is actually believed to disturb the natural environment here on the beach, to many, this land its sacred.
  • You may do what you’d like but keep in mind. Many people stop along the shore and stack the rocks – hundreds of Cairns line the beaches around the island. Find your zen and balance among the perfectly stacked rocks and waves crashing as your backdrop!
  • Visit Fort Holmes


    Walk or bike the Fort Holmes – the highest point on the island – 310 Ft. above Lake Huron. See the recently reconstructed fort and the stunning Straits of Mackinac.

  • Go to Round Island Lighthouse


    I wouldn’t recommend swimming across – it’s actually not allowed. But rent a kayak or bring your own transportation. In years past, Round Island Lighthouse open for tours once a year, usually the weekend following 4th of July.

  • Try Stand Up Paddle Boarding


    Take a stab at Stand Up Paddle Boarding – guides can take you around the marina from Great Turtle Kayak Tours.

  • Fly to Mackinac Island

    There’s only 2 ways to get to Mackinac Island – by boat or by plane. If you stand on the road at either end of the runway, the planes go right over your head! Flights are offered by Great Lakes Air.

Work on Mackinac Island for the Summer and have the best of both worlds!


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8 thoughts on “Mackinac Island Bucket List – 17 Tips for the Best Summer Vacation

  1. Bonita Gaytan says:

    At least fly TO the island. You can not beat the view from the air. Another ‘must do’ is to visit in the winter. It is the most amazing peace you can experience.


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