17 Photos to Inspire Your Visit to Strasbourg, France

Located in the Alsace region of France is the most ornate city of Strasbourg.  A beautiful architectural balance of German and French. Timber framed homes scattered throughout the curving cobblestone streets and the River Ill is never too far away!

Strasbourg was one of those cities that came as a complete surprise. It turned out to be so much more incredible than I ever imagined and totally exceeded my expectations!

If all that hasn’t convinced you to visit this German border city, then these 17 Photos from Strasbourg definitely will!

Rue des Ofevres - Strasbourg, France

Rue des Ofevres


River Ill from Grand Rue - Strasbourg, France River Ill from Grand Rue



Grand Rue - Strasbourg, France

Grand Rue


Ru de la Chaine - Strasbourg, France

Ru de la Chaine


Rue des Ofevres - Strasbourg, France

Rue des Ofevres


Strasbourg Cathedral, Strasbourg France

Strasbourg Cathedral

Pont Kuss - Strasbourg, France

Pont Kuss


Rue du Puitts - Strasbourg, France

Rue du Puitts


Barrage Vauban - Strasbourg, France

Barrage Vauban


English Lutheran Church - Strasbourg, France

English Lutheran Church


Hotel Patricia, Rue du Puitts, Strasbourg, France

Hotel Patricia, Rue du Puitts

Pont St. Thomas - Strasbourg, France

Pont St. Thomas


Market at Place de la Cathedral - Strasbourg, France

Market at Place de la Cathedral


Cafe - Strasbourg, France

Cafe – Strasbourg, France


Pont du Corbeau - Strasbourg, France

Pont du Corbeau

Gorgeous, right? Leave a comment and let me know your favorites!

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