8 Amazing Reasons to Visit to Arizona 

1. Antelope Canyon – Page, Arizona

When it rains in the desert, the canyons flood with water and it creates the most interesting fluid designs on the rocks, that really play tricks on your eyes. This particular view point from Lower Antelope Canyon is called Rocky Mountains, as you can see a very distinct mountain range.


2. Salt River Wild Horses, Tonto National Park

Wild horses roam freely throughout Tonto National Park, grazing along the Salt River. Tubing tours and fisherman, have an awesome advantage to seeing the horses, as spotting the herd may prove to be a bit difficult from land.



3. Sedona, Arizona

It’s almost like Sedona magically appears, out of no where. Driving in the middle of the desert, the roads are winding and steep, until coming over a hill and poof the red mountains are everywhere!



4. Grand Canyon, Arizona

Vaster than your mind could ever imagine. With deer and wildlife wandering as though there isn’t a human in sight.



5. Horseshoe Bend – Page, Arizona

A short walk from the highway, will bring you to a giant cliff over the Colorado River. Here, the river takes a horseshoe shaped turn and leaves onlookers completely mesmerized!



6. Montezuma Castle National Monument – Camp Verde, Arizona

The remnants of ancient cliff dwellings tucked away on a riverside, are very well preserved, located just outside of Camp Verde. The history of this area is interesting to say the least and it’s amazing to see the buildings are still intact.



7. Lake Powell – Utah/Arizona Border

A couple minutes from both Lower Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend is a magical sky blue lake, straddling the Utah/Arizona borderUtah/Arizona border. With camp sites on the beach, and the surrounding dune-like hill formations, Lake Powell is perfect for swimming, boating or visiting the Glen Canyon Dam.



8. Wupatki National Monument – Flagstaff, Arizona

Pueblo’s and Sunset Crater set on the edge of the Painted Desert just before entering the ponderosa highlands. The ruins share a glimpse into the lives of the Native Americans who settled here thousands of years ago.



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