Mackinac Island’s Best Kept Secrets

While most people are going straight to the major highlights of the island, like Arch Rock and Grand Hotel; there’s an entire other side of the island to explore.

You should definitely get out and discover the shear beauty that lies just outside of Mackinac Island’s Main Street. There are no cars so you’ll need a bike or some good walking shoes!

As soon as you arrive to Mackinac Island, a map will be your best friend. They’re easy to find at the Visitors Center, Tourism Bureau, your hotel front desk/concierge, stores and restaurants. Unless you’ve lived on the island your whole life, you’re going to be lost without a map. I highly recommend getting one before you head out.

Mackinac island map
Salle Manger - Grand Hotel Main Dining Room mackinac islan michigan
Salle Manger – Grand Hotel Main Dining Room

Arch Rock, Mackinac Island Arch Rock, Mackinac Island

Take the time to venture off the main path, there is so much to see and do. I’ve been around the island a time or two ūüėČ

Go see the…

Hiking trails

Much of the land is preserved as part of a huge state park that encompasses over half of Mackinac Island. A good mix of forest, trails, and incredible views of Lake Huron, peaking and glistening through the trees. And the water is as beautiful blue as the Caribbean!

Horseback riding trails

Coffee Trail Mackinac Island Michigan horseback riding
Coffee Trail Mackinac Island Michigan



Horse Stables


Mackinac Island Airport Michigan
Mackinac Island Airport
Mackinac Island Airport plane



Sunset Rock

Anne’s Tablet

Anne's Tablet Mackinac island michigan
Anne's Tablet mackinac island michigan lookout

Fort Holmes

There are great adventures to be had. Secret spots, that aren’t really secrets at all. And an added bonus, venturing off into untouched territory is as close as you’ll get to having the island all to yourself!

Work on Mackinac Island for the Summer and have the best of both worlds!


Mackinac Island on a Budget – 22 Ways to Save

To really get the biggest bang for my buck, I like to travel on a budget. I like to save a little where we can and really have a great experience. Here are 22 tips for saving money when visiting Mackinac Island. 

1. Weekdays – Hotel rates during the week, Monday-Thursday are usually

Visit Strasbourg, France in the Fall

Timber framed homes scattered throughout the curving cobblestone streets and the River Ill is never too far away!

Strasbourg was one of those cities that came as a complete surprise. It turned out to be so much more incredible than I ever imagined and totally exceeded my expectations!

If all that hasn’t convinced you to visit this German border city, then these fabulous fall photos from Strasbourg, France definitely will!

A Visit to Switzerland in the Fall

Northern Switzerland’s best kept secret is a charming medieval city nestled along the Upper Rhine River, home to the Munot Fortress and several baroque style buildings. The city of Schaffhausen is just as much captivating, as it is beautiful.

Sunsets here are rather amazing! If you ever get the chance, you should go. Until then, enjoy my sunset photo tour around Schaufhaussen. Take a deep breath now because these images are quite incredible.

Michigan Bloggers Meet Up in Grand Rapids

Saturday in August called for a mindful Meet Up for the Michigan Bloggers, Content Creators, Influencer Group. Gathering at Wildroast Coffee Co. in Grandville, Michigan. In depth discussions were had around growing, creating and monetizing our talents!

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