Michigan Year-Round Christmas Roadtrip

Here are 6 fun stops for a Year- Round Christmas Roadtrip in Michigan. If you love Christmas, you should celebrate as often as you want to! So here is a great solution to celebrating Christmas all year and keep spreading joy and cheer!

Where are all my Christmas fanatics?!? ❤ Be sure to refer back to this post for Springbreak or Summer Vacation!

Christmas, Michigan

As if you need one more reason to visit the U.P. – add the small town of Christmas to your roadtrip bucketlist! Christmas has population of around 400 people, but many more make the trek to the Christmas post office each year, to send gifts and mail postmarked from Christmas, Michigan. 🎁

Local businesses join the fun and carry out the tradition with Christmas decor and this 35 ft. Santa is always just outside his toy shop! 🎅


Add the small town of Christmas, Michigan to your U.P. roadtrip bucketlist! Springbreak or Summer vacay #michigan #michigancheck #fypシ

♬ original sound – Cassondra Wanders

Christmas Cafe Coffee Shop – Vassar

Yes, this gem does exist! ☕ Christmas Cafe Coffee Shop, is a one-of-a-kind coffee shop is located in the historic downtown of Vassar, Michigan and its always Christmas time!! 🎄 With a super kid friendly atmosphere; they offer lunch items as well as yummy drinks!

Situated along the Cass River, Vassar is one of the beautiful @puremichigan Byways. Bonus: It’s only 10 miles from @frankenmuth so next time you’re in town, swing by the Christmas Cafe! This is a must stop! Add it to your itinerary!


Yes, this gem does exist! ☕ Christmas Cafe Coffee Shop located in the historic downtown of Vassar, Michigan! @christmascafellc #coffee #michigan #fyp

♬ original sound – Cassondra Wanders

Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland – Frankenmuth

Bronner’s is a classic! Any Michigander knew this one was coming! Every day is Christmas at The World’s Largest Christmas Store in Frankenmuth, Michigan 🎄

Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland is designed with an Alpine architecture and operates year-round. The actual store is huge at 7.35 acres in size and outside the landscaped grounds cover 27 acres all covered in light up Christmas displays, animals and characters around the whole property.


Like if you Love Bronner’s ❤ The World’s Largest Christmas store in Frankenmuth, Michigan 🎄 #frankenmuth #frankenmuthmichigan #Michigan

♬ original sound – Cassondra Wanders

Rooftop Landing Reindeer Farm – Clare

Add this stop to your year-round Christmas bucketlist! Let’s celebrate Christmas every day 🎄 Be sure to stop and visit the gentle reindeer at @rooftoplandingreindeerfarm in Clare, Michigan! 🦌 It’s on your way up to Christmas, Michigan in the Upper Peninsula!

When Santa’s reindeer aren’t busy working and making special appearances around the state, this is their home on a reindeer farm! The farm has an elf inspired playground for littles and alpacas too! Check their website for the live reindeer cam and hours of operation.


Let’s celebrate Christmas every day 🎄 Visit the gentle reindeer at Rooftop Landing Reindeer Farm in Clare, Michigan #michigan #roadtrip #michigander

♬ original sound – Cassondra Wanders

Santa House – Midland

Did you know you can go to school for a proper training on how to be Santa Claus? 🎅 Well, each September hundreds of aspiring Santa’s gather for training at Santa House, just before the Christmas season!

Santa House in Midland is open to the public from late November into January with Santa meets and Christmas fun! Santa House sits on the corner of M-20 and Main, dressed like Christmas every single day!

Next door is the Midland County Court House, which is also a beauty to see. AND it’s within walking distance of the Tridge! Like literally across the small parking lot. Go check it out!!


Did you know you can go to school for a proper training on how to be Santa Claus? 🎅 Santa House in Midland has a Santa School! #michigan #fypシ

♬ original sound – Cassondra Wanders

Bonus: Santa Claus, Indiana

Not technically in Michigan, but it is within driving distance, so I think it’s worth mentioning Santa Claus, Indiana. This is a great touristy destination with lots of Christmas themed businesses and sights to explore.

Checking Into Soaring Eagle Resort & Spa – Mt. Pleasant, Michigan

Ever since I can remember, well since 1996 to be exact, I have been enjoying all that Soaring Eagle has to offer! I have stayed at Soaring Eagle Resort more times than I can count. I’ve went to countless concerts at Soaring Eagle Casino and celebrated so many birthdays there.

Located on Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe Reservation in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. There is entertainment for the whole family, as well as other properties to explore, including a Cultural Museum, Waterpark and Campground.

Find these 14 Murals in Alma, Michigan

Alma, Michigan – a quaint and colorful historic city right in middle of the mitten! Alma’s reputation for culture and up-and-coming arts scene, begs to rival with that of bigger cities.

If you are from Alma or just coming for a visit, be sure to stop and see some of these amazing artworks! For the locals, scroll through the list and you’ll definitely see some of your favorite spots around town!

Where is Scotland, USA? It’s Alma, Michigan!

Where and what is Scotland, USA, you say?… Let me tell you all about Alma – Scotland USA!
In the middle of everything is Alma, Michigan, otherwise referred to as Scotland, USA! That’s what the sign says, that’s what we stick with and that’s what we celebrate! Now is a great time to mention, if you haven’t been to a Highland Festival yet, it’s time you go!

Michigan Festivals: Alma Highland Festival and Games – Alma, Michigan

For as long as I can remember, I looked forward to the time when Alma came alive to the sound of bagpipes. As a child, it wasn’t uncommon to hear a bagpiper practicing off in the distance while playing at the many parks in town. And we were always looking forward to the annual Highland Festival and Games each Memorial Day Weekend!

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