10 Jobs for Travelers

We all dream of travelling the world and getting paid to do it. But… in the real world, we have bills and jobs that get in the way of our day dreams.

If I had nickel for every time someone has asked me how I afford to travel, I’m pretty sure I would have enough nickels to pay for my next flight.

What’s my secret?  Well it’s not really a secret at all, but it’s #3 on this list of jobs for travelers.

Mackinac Island’s Best Kept Secrets

As soon as you arrive to Mackinac Island, a map will be your best friend. They’re easy to find at the Visitors Center, Tourism Bureau, your hotel front desk/concierge, stores and restaurants. Unless you’ve lived on the island your whole life, you’re going to be lost without a map. I highly recommend getting one before you head out.


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