About Me

Hello and welcome to my world!

I am Cassondra. I’m a part-time expat, world traveler and hobby photographer. Wherever I go, my son comes with. We’ve been traveling together since he was 6 months old and don’t have any plans to stop.


A few years ago, I sold everything that wouldn’t fit in my car, paid off my lease, quit my 9-5 and set out to explore the world!

I did about 9 months of island hopping and another year or so of around-the-world adventures, which led me back to the land where my love affair with travel began, glorious Jamaica. After visiting countless times since 2005, I decided to put down some roots and call it my winter home.

I’ve worked 10 years in travel, tourism, and hospitality; and 6 years in Marketing.

My life is split 3 ways – between Jamaica (Montego Bay), Michigan (Mackinac Island) and traveling the world.

I’m not in a race to see every country, I prefer to wander and learn as much as I can about the local culture and customs.

I’m an open book when it comes to travel – I’ll drive, fly, cruise, dive – whatever it takes to get there. I feel the world is there to be discovered.

Happy to see you here and hopefully I’ll meet you on the road! Just shoot me an email!


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