Work & Live on Mackinac Island for the Summer

Living and working on Mackinac Island is a dream come true for so many! The first step to living on Mackinac Island for the summer is to get a job or employment on the island. In order to keep business running smoothly Mackinac Island employees over 5,000 summer workers. I have worked a total of 9 summer seasons on Mackinac Island.
Jobs and employment are typically from 2-6 months, starting in April/May and ending November 1.

Travel Talk Tuesdays on Instagram

Travel Talk Tuesday is a Live interview series hosted by Cassondra Wanders showcasing travelers, travel bloggers and travel entrepreneurs. The series, which premiered on March 16, 2021, has seen guest speakers from all over the world – including USA, Jamaica, UK and Israel. Travel Talk Tuesday’s live discussions primarily focus on sharing real-life travel experiences and cover a wide range of travel topics.

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Click here to schedule a one-on-one call with a Mackinac Island Expert to answer all your questions. Glamping at Camp Nomad on Airbnb Checking In: Soaring Eagle Resort & Spa – Mt. Pleasant, Michigan Mackinac Island’s Best Kept Secrets Mackinac Island on a Budget – 22 Ways to Save Work and Live on Mackinac Island … Continue reading Link In Bio

44 Photos to Inspire Your First Caribbean Cruise

Itching to get out of the house, plan ahead and book a cruise for your next holiday! If you want to be pampered and lay back while you’re traveling, cruises are the perfect option to visit multiple places in one trip. If you are looking to book excursions while visiting new destinations, check out Chukka Caribbean’s multiple tour options in several countries.


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