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Hello! I am Cassondra and I am an influencer.

I have multiple social media channels and platforms, as well as a website, blog and newsletter. We can work together to connect your business with new people!

My online audience currently consists of around 50,000 fans, followers, and subscribers – real people aka new to you customers!

Let’s inspire people to purchase and visit your business, through promotions featuring your brand on my social media channels and website.

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Some of the brands I have worked with:

Looking to gain some traction on your brand or product or destination? Let’s work together to create content to make your brand stand out among all the others!

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What is an Influencer?

An Influencer is one who creates content in the form of videos, articles, photos and more to be shared on social media. Content made to promote a brand, product, service or message, to an online audience.

An advertising spot formerly held only by expensive celebrities and public figures, is now being filled by influencers. Trusted, everyday people like me!

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