Top 10 US Cities to Take Kids

Page, Arizona   Lower Antelope Canyon is one of the most spectacular natural sites in Arizona. The tours aren't especially difficult so most children would be able to walk on their own. The most physical part of the tour are several stairs at the initial decent into the canyon and a few other sets of … Continue reading Top 10 US Cities to Take Kids


8 Amazing Sites to See in Arizona 

Antelope Canyon - Page, Arizona Salt River Wild Horses, Tonto National Park Sedona, Arizona Grand Canyon, Arizona Horseshoe Bend - Page, Arizona Montezuma Castle National Monument - Camp Verde, Arizona Lake Powell - Utah/Arizona Border Wupatki National Monument - Flagstaff, Arizona What are some other must see places, you love? 18 Photos to Convince you to … Continue reading 8 Amazing Sites to See in Arizona 

5 Reasons to Love/Hate China 

China has a very interesting culture.  Just like anywhere in the world - there's some things you absolutely love and some things you could really do without. So here's what you can expect when heading to China!  1.  Love: History  Ancient cities are all throughout China! There are so many incredible buildings and monuments dating … Continue reading 5 Reasons to Love/Hate China 

First Trip to Cuba: 6 Travel Tips

Cuba is vibrant and captivating! It constantly feels like you're on a the set of a movie. Unexpected and amazing sights are around every corner and flowing from the streets.  Always have your camera ready because you never know what you'll be seeing next!

17 Photos to Inspire you to Visit Strasbourg, France

Located in the Alsace region of France is the most ornate city of Strasbourg.  A beautiful architectural balance of Germany and France. Timber framed homes scattered throughout the curving cobblestone streets and the River Ill is never too far away! Strasbourg was one of those cities that came as a complete surprise. It turned out … Continue reading 17 Photos to Inspire you to Visit Strasbourg, France

What You Need to Know About Jamaica, Before You Go

Jamaica is situated 90 miles south of Cuba in the Caribbean. It is a mountainous island with a warm tropical climate and a popular destination for those seeking some fun in the sun!  There is a laid back, relaxing vibe, alongside the most vibrant culture and people. Flights arrive daily from all over the world because the … Continue reading What You Need to Know About Jamaica, Before You Go

How to go to Cuba if you are American

People have asked so many questions about going to Cuba. The big secret is... it isn't a secret at all! So I want to share it with everyone!  Flying Miami airport offers straight flights to Cuba. Flights may also be available in other US cities.  I have also heard of people flying from Canada and … Continue reading How to go to Cuba if you are American

18 Photos to Convince you to Visit Arizona

road trip from Phoenix up to Utah, but I bet there isn't a bad day in Arizona. Along Interstate 17 are several cities and amazing sights to see. Enjoy my favorite photos of Arizona.

What to Wear in Dubai as a Female Traveler

When visiting another country, like UAE, it's very important to consider the culture, religion, practices and rituals. Even more important is respecting those beliefs, even if they may differ from your own.  

The Ultimate Solo Guide to LA

LA is huge, deciding on an itinerary can be a bit overwhelming. There is literally a million things to do and see. The area is also so spread out, it can cost a fortune when it comes to transportation. So here is my guide for anyone planning a short visit to LA or is working from a smaller budget.