Hello I am Cassondra Scott aka Cassondra Wanders. This is where I share my tips, tricks and tales from the road.

I am a travel influencer. I have multiple social media channels and platforms, as well as a website, blog and newsletter. We can work together to connect your business with new people!

My online audience currently consists of around 25,000 fans, followers, and subscribers – real people aka new to you customers! Let’s chat about ways we can be partners, at Work With Me.

Born and raised in Alma, Michigan and moved to Mackinac Island for a summer job at 18 years old! I worked and lived on Mackinac Island for 9+ years. I also hold a Master’s degree in Public Relations from Michigan State University and a Bachelor of Applied Arts from Central Michigan University.

I have traveled all over the world and lived abroad, while working in hospitality management. Now I share my expertise with others so they can find the magic of Mackinac Island during their visit! I can answer questions and assist with: Lodging & Hotels Entertainment & Tours Transportation Dinner Reservations More!

I have a 5 year old son and he travels with me, wherever we go, so far he’s been to 14 countries and counting. We’ve done a lot of island hopping, road trips and round-the-world travels. Our current focus has been exploring our home state of Michigan, it’s a gorgeous place to live!

Toronto CN tower view canada airbnb

The Back Story 

In 2014, I set a new life goal. I wanted to see the world and my 9-5 job wasn’t allowing me the freedom to travel. In two weeks time, I sold everything that didn’t fit in my car, paid my lease off on my apartment, resigned from my job and set out to explore the world!

This lead to nearly 5 years of full time travel. Covering 3 continents, 20+ countries and half of the United States. 

For nearly a decade, I lived and worked seasonally on Mackinac Island. From April to October, I spent my summers on the most magical one-of-a-kind island in Northern Michigan. For the other 6 months of the year, like a Snow-bird, I went south to a winter home in Jamaica. In between, many other international travels.

The seasonal jobs on Mackinac Island, gave me the ability to travel full-time every winter. It was really an amazing opportunity; I would always recommend it to anyone itching to try something new! Unfortunately, I retired from Mackinac Island in 2018.  I always miss waking up on Mackinac Island, hearing the horses and working at some of the world’s most amazing hotels.

I’m an open book when it comes to travel – I’ll drive, fly, cruise, dive – whatever it takes to get there. I feel the world is there to be discovered. I will tell you all my secrets, so we can all make travel happen!

I’m glad you are here and I hope you find something useful to help you on your journey. If you have any questions, let me know. My time, like yours, is very valuable but I love to help however possible.



Where I’ve Wandered

There isn’t a place I wouldn’t go. I have a mile long bucket list and keep adding to it every day.

I’m not big on counting countries, I actually prefer to take it slow, wander a little and hopefully get to know some locals. Each year my goal is to see at least 1 new country and I’m working on visiting all 50 states in the USA. 

So far, I’ve been to:



  • Bahamas 
    • Freeport, Nassau
  • British Virgin Islands 
    • Tortola
  • Cayman Islands 
    • Grand Cayman
  • Cuba 
  • Jamaica 
  • Puerto Rico 
    • San Juan
  • Saint Martin & Sint Maarten
  • US Virgin Islands 
    • St. Thomas

Central America 

  • Mexico 
    • Cancun, Cozumel, Tulum


  • Andorra
  • Austria
    • Reutte, Ehrenberg
  • England
  • France
    • Strasbourg, Ax Les Thermes 
  • Germany
    • Frankfurt, Speyer, Gottmadingen, Munich
  • Iceland
    • Hella, Reykjavik, Vik, Jokularson
  • Spain

North America

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