19 Photos to Inspire You to Hike the Great Wall of China

I stayed at Beijing Downtown Backpackers Hostel, which offered day trips to the Great Wall.

Jinshanling is a portion of the Great Wall located about 80 miles (130 kilometers) northeast of downtown Beijing.

I took a cable car to Small Jinshan Tower and walked from there to the East Five-Window Tower.

The Jinshanling portion of the wall was constructed under the direction of general Xu Da in 1368 during the Ming Dynasty. That’s 649 years ago!!

Jinshanling Great Wall of China women who hike

The Small Jinshan Tower measures 13 yards (12 meters) long, 12 yards (11 meters) wide, and 26 feet (8 meters) high.

There are a total of 67 watchtowers, 3 beacon towers, and 5 passes.

autumn at Jinshanling Great Wall of China
Big Jinshan Tower
Jinshanling Great Wall of China in the fall
Jinshanling Great Wall of China day trip tour
Big Jinshan Tower

The Big Jinshan Tower is 13 yards (12 meters) long, 9 yards (8 meters) wide, and 36 feet (11 meters) high. The base of the tower is paved with seven tiers of stone slabs.

Jinshanling Great Wall of China day trip from beijing
Jinshanling Mountains
Jinshanling Great Wall of China tour
Jinshanling Great Wall of China watch towers
Kylin Screen Wall

Jinshanling is 6.5 miles (10.5 kilometers) in length with an altitude of 2,297 feet (700 meters) above sea level.

Jinshanling Great Wall of China solo hiking
Jinshanling Great Wall of China panorama
Jinshanling Mountains
Jinshanling Great Wall of China hike

Going to China soon? Have any questions? Give me a shout! Or if you have some cool pictures from your hike – send me a link, I would love to check them out!

5 Reasons to Love/Hate China 

China has a very interesting culture and history.  Just like anywhere in the world – there’s some things you absolutely love and some things you could really do without. So here’s what you can expect when heading to China!


Love: History

Ancient cities are all throughout China! There are so many incredible buildings and monuments, many dating all the way back to 600AD, like the Tianning Tower. Today, it is still standing and functioning, and has been for over 1400 years. Just imagine if those walls could talk!

25 Other Reasons to Visit China

My next extended trip will be to China. My trip will span 10 days and my time will be spent mostly between Beijing and Shanghai. I think the #1 attraction to China for most people is the Great Wall, but here are plenty of other reasons to go!

I’m pretty certain I will eventually return to China for a second time. With so many incredible places to visit and things to see, there’s no possible way I’ll see everything I want to this time.

I’m sure 5 or 10 good reasons is sufficient, but I thought I’d really over do it and find 25 very convincing reasons to visit China. Let me know which ones really stick out to you!

What to Wear in Dubai as a Female Traveler

When visiting another country, like UAE, it’s very important to consider the culture, religion, practices and rituals. Even more important is respecting those beliefs, even if they may differ from your own.  

5 Reasons to Love/Hate Dubai

After galivanting around the city for a week, I gathered my thoughts on what to expect when visiting Dubai. The good, the bad and everything in between. There is not perfect place, every has it’s pros and it’s cons. 

5 Reasons to Love / Hate Oahu Hawaii Travel

5 Reasons to Love/Hate Oahu

Oahu, Hawaii is one of my favorite destinations, so it was definitely hard to come up with some reasons to hate it. But I keep thinking of more and more loves, I’m sure I could add 10 more! Without further ado, here’s my 5 Love/Hates I discovered while visiting Oahu.


Love – Easy Navigation

Since the island of Oahu isn’t much larger than a big city, it’s easy to get to your island destinations. To drive the perimeter of the island only takes about 2.5 hours, so everything is considerably close!

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