25 Other Reasons to Visit China

My next extended trip will be to China. My trip will span 10 days and my time will be spent mostly between Beijing and Shanghai. I think the #1 attraction to China for most people is the Great Wall, but here are plenty of other reasons to go!

I’m pretty certain I will eventually return to China for a second time. With so many incredible places to visit and things to see, there’s no possible way I’ll see everything I want to this time.

I’m sure 5 or 10 good reasons is sufficient, but I thought I’d really over do it and find 25 very convincing reasons to visit China. Let me know which ones really stick out to you!

  1. Rainbow Mountains1rainbow-mountains-5
  2. Hanging Monastary
  3. Red Beach
  4. Summer Palace
  5. Porcelain House
  6. Yuntaishan World Geopark
  7. The Grand Buddha Lingshan
  8. Yuyuan Garden
  9. Huangpu River
  10. Suzhou Water Village
  11. Stairs to Yellow Mountain
  12. Bridge of Immortals
  13. Tiamen Mountain National Forest Park
  14. Baofeng Lake
  15. Floating Bridge  1696173680b6478b7ac2ec2db9f789a1f2
  16. Canton Tower
  17. Yunnan Stone Forest Geological Park: Hutan Batu 18yunnan-stone-forest-geological© CEphoto, Uwe Aranas / , via Wikimedia Commons
  18. Shengshan Island 20297A55CA00000578-3117557-Abandoned_This_deserted_fishing_village_on_Gouqi_Island_off_the_-a-35_143389302102201
  19. Leshan Giant Buddha 22gohistoric_15348_m 
  20. Chengdu Panda Breeding and Research Center
  21. Jinli Street
  22. The Chishui Waterfall
  23. Terracota Warriors

  24. Reed Flute Cave Reed Flute Cave, China tourism destinationsSource
  25. Zhouzhuang


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    7 thoughts on “25 Other Reasons to Visit China

    1. traversingasia says:

      I am lucky enough to have been to 8 of these places! 🙂 While the Summer Palace is beautiful and has a really cool history, the last 2 times I’ve went I found it uncomfortably crowded. I would recommend going not at peak tourist season if possible!

      Liked by 1 person

    2. aliz97 says:

      I’ve been to seven of these places (actually just got back from a trip to the rainbow danxia mountains!) and they’re entirely worth the visit. Hope you enjoy your trip! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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