How to Spend 48 hours in Miami, Florida

Have a quick trip to Miami, Florida or visiting for the first time? Here is a short guide on how to spend 48 hours in Miami!!

Cruise around in a convertible

Rent a drop-top from Ace Rent A Car, crank the tunes and pick up some friends!

We had a blast cruising around with the wind whipping in our hair. Got a little sunburn but nothing beats belting out Journey at the top of your lungs.



Take a stroll on Ocean Drive

If you want the most intense experience, I’d say do it by foot. Walk through the madness, there is so much to see, and maybe some things you’ve never seen before. Keep an open mind and enjoy it!


Go to South Beach

The beach has no admission and it’s huge. A little walk along the beach and you will find bright and colorful Lifeguard Huts. I had time to visit two of them!


Visit the Winwood District

More specifically, Wynwoood Walls. You will not be be disappointed. It would’ve been hard for me to leave if it hadn’t started raining. All the art and installations are mostly outside, so weather does play a factor. When the rain came, I grabbed some food at the Wynwood Diner and it just happened to be Happy Hour. So you can probably guess what happened from there 😉


Stay at Circa39

It’s cute, it’s cozy and its close to the action. This beachy boutique hotel is centrally located with a Wunder Garden and outdoor heated pool. Onsite, you will also find Jules Restaurant for food and Wunderbar with some pretty tasty Sangrias.


I only had 48 hours between trips to Key West and Cuba. So I squeezed in what I could, and I definitely plan to go back soon! What is your favorite Miami spot? Feel free to share in the comments!


5 Things to Do Outside Orlando, Florida

There is plenty to do outside of Orlando, Florida. Aside from Disney and all the other theme parks, there’s an entire natural world to be explored in Florida. Here are 5 activities unique to Florida!

1. See the Manatees

Starting around mid November, Manatees will find there way to Blue Springs State Park to hang out through the winter. Although you are able to get very close to these gentle giants; swimming, snorkeling or diving are restricted while the manatees are present. While visiting the park we witnessed around 10 or more manatees wading in the hot springs. The park entrance fee was only $3. It was a really great experience to observe manatees and many other animals in their natural environment.

First Trip to Cuba: 6 Travel Tips

Cuba is vibrant and captivating! It constantly feels like you’re on a the set of a movie. Unexpected and amazing sights are around every corner and flowing from the streets.  Always have your camera ready because you never know what you’ll be seeing next!

How to go to Cuba if you are American

People have asked so many questions about going to Cuba. The big secret is… it isn’t a secret at all! So I want to share it with everyone! 


Miami airport offers straight flights to Cuba. Flights may also be available in other US cities.  I have also heard of people flying from Canada and Mexico. I used ABC Charters to fly to Havana.

What’s New in Montego Bay, Jamaica [2021]

This past year 2021, has brought many recent changes to Jamaica travel and tourism. Check out 3 new updates and improvements to Montego Bay’s adventures! Chukka Eco-Adventure Outpost  Located at Good Hope, Falmouth, Jamaica. Chukka Eco-Adventure Outpost is where adventurous activity meets caring for the environment, from waterfall pools to water slides, all mixed with … Continue reading What’s New in Montego Bay, Jamaica [2021]

44 Photos to Inspire You to Take a Caribbean Cruise

Itching to get out of the house, plan ahead and book a cruise for your next holiday! If you want to be pampered and lay back while you’re traveling, cruises are the perfect option to visit multiple places in one trip. If you are looking to book excursions while visiting new destinations, check out Chukka Caribbean’s multiple tour options in several countries.

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