Work & Live on Mackinac Island for the Summer

Living and working on Mackinac Island is a dream come true for so many! The first step to living on Mackinac Island for the summer, is to get a job or employment on the island. In order to keep business running smoothly Mackinac Island employees over 5,000 summer workers. I have worked and lived a total of 9 summer seasons on Mackinac Island.

Jobs and employment are typically from 2-6 months, starting in April/May and ending November 1. Employment may also be flexible for student workers; I was able to attend college while working on Mackinac Island. After August, I would move downstate to Central Michigan University and come back to work the weekends until the Labor Day or later, when business slowed.

Finding a Job

Flashback to 2004, my very first summer on Mackinac Island! This is when it all started. That Spring, we saw ads in our local newspaper that Island House Hotel on Mackinac Island was hiring employees for the summer. The job posting had me intrigued!

I started looking for more jobs on the island. I applied for a few different jobs and positions on Mackinac Island that Spring. A couple weeks later, I got a call, and I was hired for a clothing store, and they asked me to begin work on April 24!

I would recommend following Facebook Mackinac Island Job Posting Page, looking at Mackinac Island Tourism page and searching

After a month on Mackinac Island, I got a 2nd job at Doud’s grocery store where I continued to work each summer through 2006. Mackinac Island’s summer season is 6 months, so I always approached the summer with a “Work Hard, Play Hard” mentality. It isn’t uncommon to have 2-3 jobs.

Some of the jobs I have had on Mackinac Island:

  • Tracking Yachts for the Races (2005)
  • One-day beer tent bartenders (2005)
  • Teaching Art Classes (2015)
  • Silver Mine (2005-2007)
  • Shirt Tales (2007)
  • Island House (2014)
  • Bicycle Street Inn & Suites (2014-2016)
  • Grand Hotel (2015)
  • Mackinac Resorts (2017)
  • Sunset Condos (2017)

Finding a Home

Typically, your employer provides your housing as well, so that is why it is key to have employment first. The clothing store provided housing in a multi bedroom historic home next to Haan’s 1830 Inn, perfectly located near downtown on Main Street. When I worked at Doud’s, I lived in an apartment above downtown and at Grand Hotel, it included 3 meals a day, but my housing was 2 miles up hill in Harrisonville.

Basically, what I am saying is – each employer is different with what is offered/included for housing and meal plans. Most housing is dorm style, with a weekly rent deducted from your paycheck. Some employers may even cover the cost of a ferry pass for employees living off island.

You will more than likely have roommates assigned to you, 2+ to a room and most often on bunk beds. Roommates and coworkers can turn into some of the best friends you meet in your life!

Summer Workers

Seasonal work, like Mackinac Island, might be a bit more attractive for those folx with freedom to move and temporarily relocate. Mackinac Island’s seasonal worker population is mostly comprised of college aged workers, over 1,000 international workers and retiree aged workers.

My favorite perks of working on Mackinac Island:

  • Island worker discounts at local businesses
  • Meeting people from all over the WORLD!
  • Working/living where everyone else vacations
  • Michigan’s UP is right next door!
  • Ability to travel up to 6 months a year

Working on Mackinac for 9 summer’s, introduced me to A LOT OF PEOPLE!

The friends I met were from places I had never heard of, but later learned to love! I visited island friends all over the world, I went to Philippines to see a coworker from Grand Hotel, I went to Jamaica and saw many coworkers there. I visited Florida, California, Hawaii, Dubai, and more with friends I met on Mackinac Island!

Every day OFF on Mackinac Island was like a vacation! Aside from catching up on laundry and sleep, days are filled with bike rides, beach bonfires and sunsets! It’s like living at the Disneyland of Michigan during the day and becomes a totally different world at night.

We would take day trips to Tahquamenon Falls, Whitefish Point and kayaking at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore on our days off. If you love being outside and nature, Mackinac Island is perfect!

What to do in the Winter

Many island workers would work seasonal in the Winter as well. Employers would hold hiring events at Mackinac Island hotels to recruit for winter season positions at resorts in Florida, Utah, Colorado, California and more. Many friends would travel in between seasonal jobs or take winters off to catch up on life. A great place to look for other seasonal positions is

During the winter, Mackinac Island isn’t exactly ideal conditions for a vacation so tourism pretty much stops. The island population drops down to 500ish people. Almost all businesses close, with the exception of Doud’s grocery Store, Mustang Lounge and a few lodging options.

Islander’s like to take it easy in the winter and spend time together. Summer is so busy; it doesn’t allow for community events. Winters on Mackinac Island include a lot of family time, bingo, street hockey, skiing, and Euchre.

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11 thoughts on “Work & Live on Mackinac Island for the Summer

  1. Julia says:

    Hello! I truly enjoyed reading your articles about Mackinac Island. I have lived in Michigan my entire life, but I am currently in my first year studying abroad overseas. I wanted to come back to Michigan this summer to work, and when I was looking at job postings I was very intrigued by working on the island! My only question is about having a car. I know there are no cars on the island, but for wanting to travel off the island (ie. into Mackinaw City, and traveling the U.P.) do you have any advice for storing a car nearby? Thank you!


    • Cassondra Wanders says:

      I used to park my car at the ferry, they offered a summer pass for employee parking. At one point my bosses mom had a spot we could park too, which was nice being free. There are shuttles, that will take people to nearby towns, stores, etc


    • Heather Parker says:

      Hello, I understand that housing is deducted from your pay, however I am wondering if meal plans are offered? I have looked at several positions and websites and the only meal plan I see mentioned is employment at The Grand Hotel.

      Thank you


  2. Ray Lubinski says:

    What is the typical pay, how much for rent is deducted and does any employer offer Private rooms even if the rent is higher? Thanks


    • Cassondra Wanders says:

      Good questions – every job is different with experience and pay, I saw some job postings at Grand Hotel & Bicycle Street Inn paying $17 an hour. I have had a private room at more than one employer, so it’s very possible. Rent was different at each employer too, I typically paid a minimum of $70+ per week for rent. Deducted automatically from my paycheck.


  3. Caroline Chaffee says:

    Love your article! I have been offered a job at The Grand Hotel and it is truly my dream job. I have heard conflicting employee reviews about how the staff is treated. Most say that they work too many hours most often 7 days per week and that the employee food is terrible. What was your opinion working for them?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Cassondra Wanders says:

      So, I didn’t work 7 days a week. However, I know of people who do/did. Also, the food is included in your rent whether it’s yummy or not 😑 I can tell you I gained like 15 lbs eating in the cafeteria that summer. So I wouldn’t say the food was that awful. Red velvet cheesecake everyday adds up quickly 🍰 I also worked for Musser and really have no idea how the new corp runs things. If you keep an open mind, I think you’ll love it.

      Liked by 1 person

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