10 Jobs for Travelers

We all dream of travelling the world and getting paid to do it. But… in the real world, we have bills and jobs that get in the way of our day dreams.

If I had nickel for every time someone has asked me how I afford to travel, I’m pretty sure I would have enough nickels to pay for my next flight.

What’s my secret?  Well it’s not really a secret at all, but it’s #3 on this list of jobs for travelers.

1. Au Pair

You can live in a foreign country with room and board covered in exchange for housework and  childcare. Like being a nanny but way better. One of my closest friends was an Au Pair in Spain during her gap year right after High School. She absolutely loved it.

2. World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms  (WWOOF)

Live on organic farm or smallholding where the host provides food and accommodation in exchange for volunteer work.  With an opportunity to learn about organic lifestyles, and help the planet. When I traveled to Hawaii I met quite a few people who were WWOOF farming, they all had good things to say about it. WWOOF Independents has 45 other participating countries.

3. Seasonal

Several states in the US including Michigan, Colorado and Florida look for seasonal workers in both the summer and winter. Also, I’ve seen job posting from Australia and New Zealand for winter positions. Check out Coolworks for seasonal job postings, among lots of other really interesting jobs.

I have worked on Mackinac Island in Michigan for 8 seasons. I work 6 months in the summer and have 6 months off in the winter. I do almost all my traveling from November to April. I’ve met a lot of like minded people who also enjoy traveling and living a not-so-traditional life.

4. Alaska

I’ve met a variety of people who worked in Alaska. Some only worked certain seasons of the year, while other worked 3 months on, 3 months off. Regardless of the schedule, I’m sure working in Alaska would be a pretty awesome adventure.

5. Tour Guide/Director

From leading tours around your city, to managing long distance and international tours – this is the ultimate opportunity to travel the world. Other perks may include meeting new people, getting your lodging and meals paid for on long tours and/or day tours.

6. Teachers

Well we all know teachers get almost all holidays off, Christmas Break, Spring Break and 3 months in the summer. Sounds like a perfect schedule for someone struggling to find the time off to travel.

7. Teaching English First Language (TEFL)

TEFL is teaching English abroad where English is not the primary language. A TEFL certification can be acquired through many programs abroad. So you can travel to another country, earn a certification to teach and sometimes get paid too. After becoming a certified TEFL, you can travel the world teaching. That’s a sweet deal.

8. Freelance

If you can write, design, market or just about any job that requires a computer – you can work remotely or freelance. Lately I see more and more organizations looking for freelance, so you could work from your computer while you travel and live the good life.

9. Cruise

There are all types of positions available on a cruise ship. The atmosphere seems fun, and you can travel all over the world while working. From people I’ve talked to, the contracts can vary but most of the time you work 3-9 months and then get an extended amount of time off work between contracts. With 3 months off, you could travel on your time off from traveling…?

10. Flight Attendant

You work on a plane and travel from airport to airport. In between flights there are days off and the discounted plane tickets are nothing to complain about ūüėČ


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