First Time to Jamaica – 7 Tours to Try

Luckily, Jamaica doesn’t fall short when it comes to adventure. This island paradise is full of epic outdoor adventures, take a look and start your bucket list. How would you explore Jamaica?

If you’re anything like me, you love to fill your travel time with adventure tours and excursions. In Jamaica, the options are endless and the scenery is magnificent.

Stay one week in Jamaica and try every tour on this list – Or pick your favorite and give it a go!

Visiting on a cruise ship? You can try a few – they have combo at many of these locations. I can almost promise you, only one day in Jamaica, will leave your longing to come back.

Here are my 8 favorite:

1. Horseback Ride N’ Swim 

I went with Chukka at the Sandy Bay Ranch. My favorite part was riding the horses on the beach! We went through mountains, small villages and galloped along the beach. We ended with a incredible swim in the ocean on horseback, a truly amazing experience!

2. Dunns River Climb

You will definitely need water shoes for this excursion or they won’t even let you inside. The river is moving and flowing, its an somewhat of an all natural obstacle course. You start from the bottom and work your way up the river. So refreshing on a hot day!

dunns river falls in ocho rios jamaica

3. Jungle River Tubing

This was the most relaxing excursion. To top it off, they provided some delicious Rum Punch to carry along on the journey! I just laid back, chatted with my fellow tubers and had a great time. The water was nice, and the beautiful natural surroundings were relaxing as always.

4. Ziplining

It’s not just for the dare devils. After your first traverse across, you will want more and more. This opportunity allows you to see the jungle in a new light. As you zip through the canopy, you hear and see the all natural. From the top, you get a very rare 360 view of this dense jungle. The tour guides are so friendly, not mention pretty good looking!

5. ATV

As a group we rode up and around the mountains and made a stop in a little village for drinks. At the very top, from the lookout you could see for miles and miles, it was breath taking. We also stopped for a great photo opp in the lush bamboo forest.

6. Kayak Safari

We had a small group with us, so we were able to take our time and really enjoy the experience. This was my first time kayaking and it took some effort but I got the hang of it. Some small rapids and lots of jungle scenery. It was like floating through paradise, with a paddle.

kayaking in jamaica chukka tours

7. Jeep Safari

We all got in the jeep and set off into the jungle.  The winding trail led us through the mountains and eventually to a crystal blue water hole. We laughed and held on to the edge of our seats the whole ride!

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