How to Explore Jungles of Jamaica

Luckily, Jamaica doesn't fall short when it comes to adventure. This island paradise is full of epic outdoor adventures, take a look and start your bucket list. How would you explore the jungles of Jamaica? If you're anything like me, you love to fill your travel time with adventure tours and excursions. In Jamaica,Β the options … Continue reading How to Explore Jungles of Jamaica


Montego Bay in a Day

An itinerary ideally for those who may be visiting Montego Bay, Jamaica for one day.Β  But it can be easily followed by someone staying for a bit and exploringΒ the area. If you're taking a cruise to Montego Bay this should makeΒ your perfect day in paradise! 1. Go Ziplining - it's not just for daredevils. In … Continue reading Montego Bay in a Day