5 Reasons to Love/Hate Cruises

Love – Foodie heaven

Basically, there is food available 24/7. Several restaurants with all different kinds of food from all over the world. You won’t go hungry, but you might go home with a few extra pounds.

Hate – Sea sickness

Although you may not realize it, the boat is always swaying and if the weather gets rough, the boat starts rocking. It can make you dizzy and start to feel nauseous. A lot of people take Dramamine and use a Scopolamine Patch behind their ear.


Love – Activities

There is so much to do! Everyday a schedule comes out with all the activities for the day. Sometimes there are several things at once and it’s hard to decide what to do. From games, to dance contests, to eating contests – you name it, they have it!

Hate – A lot of walking

The ships are huggggge! Walking from your room to dining or to the pool may actually be like half a mile. At the end of the day, those steps add up! Also, watch what shoes you wear and keep in mind the distance you’ll have to walk to get where you want to go.


Love – No worries

Life is easy on a cruise because everything is at your finger tips! You don’t have to look for food, it’s already there. You don’t have find transportation, the ship transports you! Basically, you pay one price, get on the boat and everything you need, should be available on board.

Hate – Port Time

Port times can be rather limited. You might find somewhere you absolutely love and want to spend more time there, but you cannot because you’re on a schedule. Sometimes the ship arrives at ports very early in the morning, which doesn’t work as well if you enjoyed the party at the club the night before. Also, some activities and tours just aren’t possible on shore, due to limited time.


Love – Parties

There is always a party on board! From the lido deck to the clubs, everybody loves to party! The pools are always have music jammin and there’s usually an 18+ area on the ship.

Hate – Bloating

After a couple days on the ship, you may notice bloating. No single denominator has been determined but it’s a combination of the water, the salty food and the salt in the air. Be prepared, bring loose shoes and take of your rings!


Love – Family friendly

Kids are welcome and encouraged on board. There is a daycare, kids club, activities and so much more for children.

Hate – Sea Days

It can be a drag if you’re sick of being on the ship. Especially the return portion of the cruise, after you’ve stopped at all the schedules ports. There may be several sea days in a row before you arrive at your final stop.

3 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Love/Hate Cruises

  1. Cristian Mihai says:

    Fantastic post, Cassondra!

    Never been much interested in going on a cruise. Don’t know why. But this post of yours make me reconsider. After all, at least once it might be worth trying.


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