20 Ways to Fund Long-Term Travel

If you’re trying to save money to travel, here are 20 side hustles to help you reach your financial goals.

  1. Bartend – typically an evening, late night gig, would pair perfectly with a day job. 
  2. Live-in caregiver – whatever you want to call it, nanny or au pair, you get to live in another country and watch children!
  3. Work away/trade away – work for housing and meals while living in exotic and awesome locations.
  4. Motor-home/van – invest in a moving home on wheels and travel wherever the road goes.

5. Online business – if all you need is a computer and wifi to do your job, it can be done from just about anywhere in the world.

6. Put away money each paycheck – just start a savings account and hold yourself to it!

7. Rent your house – you can do a house swap or if you’re going long-term, rent the house out to someone else while you’re away traveling. The rent doubles as an income.

8. Cryptocurrency  – this is a popular investment right now, lots of travelers have been utilizing and funding travels.

9. Credit Card – some credits cards offer sign on bonuses and incentives like free flights/hotels.

10. ESL remotely – teach English in another country in exchange for decent pay and living accommodations.

11. Flight attendant – your job is to fly on planes all over the world, sounds perfect to me!

12. Computer Programming – again, if you only need a computer and wifi to do your job, it can be done from nearly anywhere.

13. WWOOFing – work and live on a farm in exchange for cultural and educational experiences.

14. Uber Driver – make it a full-time job or just on the side. All you need is a vehicle (and a decent record) to begin.

15. Forex – trading foreign exchange and currency 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

16. Cloud Network Access Broker – a way to deliver consistent security across multiple clouds and protecting everyone using their data. I suppose you do it from anywhere as long you have wifi.

17. Dog Sitter – if you’re a lover of dogs, why not get paid to play with dogs all day.

18. International Business Attorney – basically you step in to represent a client when business or matters involve two or more countries.

19. House sitter – just like dog sitting, but animals aren’t always involved. People hire someone come to their home and care for it while they are away.

20. Cruise ship – your job is always in motion, each day a new place and a new port. There are lots and lots of travel opportunities working on cruise ships! Plus their are all types of positions available.

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