5 Bucketlist Places ONLY in Michigan

Michigan is known as the Great Lakes State for the five large interconnecting freshwater lakes. Bordering with Canada, Michigan boasts 3,288 miles of coastline. The adventures and natural wonders are innumerable in this northern mid-west state of Michigan in the United States.

Mackinac Island

If beauty and nature had a baby – it would be Mackinac Island. This small, unique island is located in Lake Huron, 7 miles from the mainland. There are no motor vehicles allowed and the major form of transportation is by bicycle or horse. You have to see it to believe and understand how amazing Mackinac Island truly is. 

tulips at sunset grand hotel mackinac island michigan

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

Located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, on the Southern Shore of Lake Superior, between the cities of Grand Marais and Munising, Michigan. There are hiking trails, a variety of cruises, boating and kayaking options to see and experience Pictured Rocks. Going out on the water is the great way to see the whole picture ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

kayak caves at pictured rocks national lakeshore in michigan

Sleeping Bear Dunes

The north-western coast of Michigan, is home to spectacular sand dunes reaching as high 460 feet above Lake Michigan. One of the most popular spots to marvel at the beauty of Sleeping Bear Dunes, is stop #9 on Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive. Visitors love to run and jump and play in the mountains of sand, although it is important to abide by any posted warning signs. 

panoramic shot of sleeping bear dunes national park in michigan
stop 9 on pierce stocking drive sleeping bear dunes national park in michigan
lake michigan sleeping bear dunes national park in michigan

Mackinac Bridge

Once the world’s longest suspension bridge at a length of 5 miles, the Mackinac Bridge spans the straits of Mackinac, where Lake Huron and Lake Michigan connect. At the southern side of the Mackinac Bridge lies Mackinaw City in the Lower Peninsula and at the northern end you will find, St. Ignace, in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Once a year, on Labor Day, the Mackinac Bridge Authority allows foot traffic to cross the brige for the annual Mackinac Bridge Walk. 

starline ferry under mackinac bridge


Tahquamenon Falls

Located near the town of Paradise in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is Tahquamenon Falls. The Tahquamenon River flows into two very distinct waterfalls, known as the Upper and Lower Falls. The water here has a noticeably brown color due to tannins from the cedar swamps in which the river drains. Visitors are able to hike and walk the falls, there are also boat rentals and swimming at the Lower Falls.ย 

upper falls Michigan's Upper Peninsula is Tahquamenon Falls

If you’ve never seen these sights, you should make your way! Michigan is an incredible state, I feel so lucky to be so close to all it’s amazing beauty! What other sites would you add to this list?

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