Get Married on Mackinac Island – Fairytale Wedding Locations

Have the most fairytale wedding dream come true on Mackinac Island. Imagine getting married in one of Michigan’s most romantic locations.

Be carried off in a horse carriage and make your wedding day spectacular in the most memorable way on Mackinac Island. Whether it’s a church or in nature, it is sure to be sweet.

Sunset Rock

Sunset Rock is also known as Lookout Point, hidden off a bike trail just to the left of The Inn at Stonecliffe. Many marriage proposals have taken place here. It’s off the beaten path and very secluded for a private Sunset Wedding.

For information or booking, contact: 906-847-3328

St. Anne’s Catholic Church

St. Anne’s is big, bold and beautiful. It is one of the tallest buildings on Mackinac Island, so it can be recognized from just about anywhere. Location is perfect, as it’s right downtown on Main Street.

For information or booking, contact: 906-643-7755

Fort Holmes

This spot is the very very top of Mackinac Island, so it’s nice and quiet, and not nearly as busy as the other locations. Recently, the Fort itself has been restored and the view of the Straits from here is incredible!

For information or booking, contact: 906-847-3328

Grand Hotel

They call it America’s Summer Place, but I think it could qualify as Mackinac’s Wedding place too! There are several locations throughout the property to hold ceremonies. Which includes, but is not limited to, the Lawn, the Front Porch (longest in the world) and the Terrace Room, as pictured below.

For information or booking, contact: 906 847-3331 

Mission Point Lawn

If outdoor weddings are totally your thing, Mission Point has a huge beachfront area. The lawn is adorned with Adirondack chairs, pristine gardens with the cutest little gazebo. Not to mention, Lake Huron is just a stone’s throw away.

For information or booking, contact: 906-430-8137

gazebo at Mission Point Lawn mackinac island michigan

Little Stone Church

Little Stone Church is a quaint historic church at the base of the Grand Hill. The interior includes original stone glass windows and woodwork. It is a cozy little church with a wonderful water view, perfect for your dream Mackinac Island Wedding.

For information or booking, contact: 906-847-3877

Marquette Park

Marquette Park is the island’s central hangout spot. Nestled right below Fort Mackinac, the park is full of luscious trees, especially Lilacs. Making it the perfect spot for a floral wedding in early June!

For information or booking, contact: 906-847-3328

Trinity Episcopal Church

Trinity Episcopal Church is about halfway up Fort Hill, just a block from Doud’s Market. Overlooking the Harbor, the view here is just as spectacular as Fort Mackinac and the location is convenient, as it’s near downtown.

For information or booking, contact:


Mackinac Island has nearly 8 miles of beaches, so it might be hard to pick a perfect spot! But this is as pure, as Pure Michigan gets! You can have your dream beach wedding without booking a flight to the Caribbean.

For information or booking, contact: 906-847-3328

beach of lake huron mackinac island michigan


Winter Wedding

Winter on Mackinac Island is so peaceful. It’s the perfect place for a white wedding!

For information or booking, contact: 906-847-3783

christmas tree downtown mackinac island in winter with snow

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