8 Outdoor Adventures in Oahu Hawaii

Wondering what to do in Oahu? Having a hard time narrowing it down? Here are 8 experience worth trying on the island of Oahu!

1. Sunset Catamaran Cruise

We found a GroupOn deal for a $20 Catamaran Cruise and ran with it! To start out the journey, there was a rainbow over the beach – rainbows make me giddy like a child! There is also the possibility of whale spotting and seeing sea turtles, although we weren’t so fortunate on our cruise. And did I mention the Sunset? It was pretty much amazing too.

2. Halona Blow Hole

When the really big waves come in, the pressure creates a big gust of water. The water shoots straight out from the rocks, like a whales blowhole and it’s VERY hard to photograph! My photo’s just don’t do it justice, so here’s video instead.

3. Diamond Head Summit

The hike is only 0.8 miles, so it’s rather doable. I did the hike solo with my camera and water bottle. I really enjoyed it and loved the view from the top!! On the way up there are regular stairs, spiral stairs and a long dimly lit hallway. At the end, you reach an old war bunker and have climb a ladder to get back out. I should also add, it’s very very touristy and busy, which might deter some people.

4. Laie Point

We had a little rental car, so we didn’t dare drive out onto the rocks, but there were jeeps and fisherman parked out on the point. I bet that would be really fun to do!

5. Koko Kai Mini Beach Park – China Walls

I followed the cutest little path from the street of a residential neighborhood, which dropped off into beautifully layered cliffs. A few fisherman were out there, as well as some surfers in the water. I loved watching them catch the waves!

6. Byodo-In Temple

Located at the Valley of Temples Memorial Park is Byodo-In Temple. On the scenic drive through the memorial were several different buildings all with unique architecture. Way in the back, hidden away was the temple. The grounds were full of life, with several cats and chickens wandering about, and plenty of Koi Fish!

7. Lanikai Pillbox Trail

My traveling companion dropped me off to do this trek solo. It had recently rained so I was off to a pretty slippery start! Once I was able to overcome the first steep incline, it got much easier and MUCH MUCH more beautiful! Down below is a neighborhood in Lanakai and the houses look itty bitty!

8. Makapuu Tide Pools

I decided not to see the lighthouse and opted to set foot for the tide pools. I didn’t have much direction other than instructions to follow the foot path on the right, thank heavens I found it! I wasn’t paying complete attention while trying to capture some good wave action on my GoPro and I got a nice little shower for myself! Moral of the story – the waves are huge and the splash goes much much further than you expect!

Feel free to comment anywhere else in Oahu that you feel is extraordinary!


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