Havana, Cuba – A Photo Diary

I can say wholeheartedly, that I absolutely loved Cuba. Last month I stayed in Havana for a week and I still look at the pictures over and over. The colors were amazing, the cars were surreal and the people were absolutely delightful. I can’t get over it. I’ll need to return soon!

Until then here are my favorite photos to inspire you to see it for yourself.

Museo de Arte Colonial Havana Cuba

Museo de Arte Colonial

Floridita Wifi Hot Spot Havana Cuba

Floridita Wifi Hot Spot

Cuban Street performance parade

Cuban Street Performance Parade and Dance

Local Souvenir Shop Havana Cuba

Local Souvenir Shop

Santa Maria Del Mar Beach Havana Cuba

Santa Maria Del Mar Beach

Lamparilla Street Havana Cuba

From our balcony on Lamparilla Street

Cruising the Malecon Havana Cuba

Cruising the Malecon

Cuban Street Dog Havana Cuba

Cuban Street Dog

Colorful Classic Cars Havana Cuba

Colorful Classic Cars

Cuban Currency CUC Havana Cuba

Cuban Currency – CUC

Paseo De Marti Havana Cuba

Paseo De Marti at El Capitolio


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