A Visit to Switzerland in the Fall

Northern Switzerland’s best kept secret is a charming medieval city nestled along the Upper Rhine River, home to the Munot Fortress and several baroque style buildings. The city of Schaffhausen is just as much captivating, as it is beautiful.

Sunsets here are rather amazing! If you ever get the chance, you should go. Until then, enjoy my sunset photo tour around Schaufhaussen. Take a deep breath now because these images are quite incredible.

Flowers on the bridge

Flowers on the bridge

We took to the city by foot. Found a familiar place for parking, as my friend had been here many times. 

City streets of Schaufhaussen

City streets 

We walked along the Rhine river, watching geese and birds, as boats and bicycles pass us by. 

After exploring the riverside, we went up! On our way to Munot Fortress, we passed homes and livestock grazing in the beautiful sunset. Huffing and puffing, almost there! 

Sheep On the hillside

Sheep On the hillside


Curious where this ferry may take me? A joy ride on the Rhine River sounds mighty fine! 

Overlooking St. Johann

Overlooking St. Johann

Made it to the top! Now looking over city, where we had already walked and spotting our next destination in the distance. 

Swans on the Rhine River

Swans on the Rhine River


Inside Munot

Inside Munot Fortress


Zurich side of the Rhine River

Zurich side of the Rhine River


Overlooking Rhine River

Sheep Graving in the sunset Overlooking Rhine River


It took a bit longer than expected to find, so the sun had tucked away for the night before I could get a shot. The facade on the exterior of the Haus zum Ritter features one of the most important Renaissance frescoes north of the Alps. 

Munot above the city

Munot Fortress above the city


On the boardwalk

On the boardwalk

Heading back to our vehicle. The Rhine River again, in all it’s glory. Twinkling and dancing in last little beams from the sun. 

Flowers on Rhine River

Flowers on Rhine River

I was impressed with the floral around the city. For November, and rather cool weather, the flowers were abundant! 

Deer grazing at Munot

Deer grazing at Munot Fortress

The herd of deer here were the highlight for the younger ones with us. Kept fenced in at Munot Fortress, it adds an element of natural preservation and honestly, felt a little like home!

I’m always looking for hidden gems, what other cities have you found to be breathtaking?

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