Michigan Bloggers Meet Up in Grand Rapids

The last Saturday in August called for a mindful Meet Up over coffee for the Michigan Bloggers, Content Creators, Influencer Group. Gathering at Wildroast Coffee Co. in Grandville, Michigan. In depth discussions were had around growing, creating and monetizing our talents!

The group introduced themselves and shared some personal goals. Discussion quickly took a dive into blogging and Affiliate Marketing, Leah shared her knowledge on the topic.

Next up on the agenda was Sponsored Posts, where Cassondra shared some of the Apps she uses for getting paid Instagram posts. Which led to discussing the difference between creator and business accounts. Some questions were raised around hashtag use, analyzing insights and ways to track. Jackie, as always, was willing to share her data tracking tricks and tips!

Themes and dates for upcoming monthly collaborations posts like Michigan Favorite Places (#MiFavoritePlaces) and Michigan Mingle Monday were bounced around.

The vibe was good and the coffee was great at Wildroast Coffee Co., next meet up is scheduled for October 23 in Kalamazoo, Michigan!

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