How to see Flamingos in Aruba

By Andrea Clemens

We spent 10 days in Aruba, and this was by far my FAVORITE DAY

Renaissance ISland flamingos in aruba

Flamingo’s are not native to the island, and can only be found in one spot. That spot is Renaissance Island which is owned by Marriott. If you stay at the Renaissance, admittance to the island is complimentary with your stay, and the water taxi can be boarded at the docks, or inside the hotel lobby. You read right, the boat comes inside the hotel lobby. Since we were staying at the Marriott Surf Club, we did have to pay $125/person to have the joyful experience of playing with the flamingos. Included in that fee was lunch and a drink at the restaurant located on the Island. One tip to remember is that if the Renaissance is fully booked, you won’t have the option to purchase this day pass. It is only available if the hotel is at 80% capacity or less. So if this is an excursion you are determined to do, I would recommend staying at least one night at the Renaissance so that you’re sure to get your chance to visit the Island.

Lunch with a VIEW Renaissance ISland flamingos in aruba cocktails

Lunch with a VIEW

One recommendation is to go early in the morning. Flamingo’s only eat so much, and if a flock of tourists make it to the Island before you do, the birds may not be so apt to interact act as much with a full belly. We got up at 6 am, left out hotel by 7am, and were on Renaissance Island by 8am.

Aruba Renaissance Island flamingos beach

The Island is divided into parts, with flamingo beach being adult only except for a couple of hours each day when it’s open for families with children. The beach next to the restaurant is open for families.

Aruba flamingos Renaissance ISland

There are Cabanas available to rent, but they were quite pricey and something we opted out of. The prices range depending on size $150-$250 at the time of writing this article. At the time of our visit, there were 6 Flamingo’s that lived on the Island that we got to feed and interact with.

Renaissance Island Cabanas flamingos aruba

Don’t forget a bit of cash to purchase the flamingo food!!! Towels and sunscreen are also highly recommended. Although there is a shop on the island, it’s a bit pricy and should probably be avoided for the budget traveler. Author: Andrea ClemonsIG: @ladyclemonstravels

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